Sex, Sleep and the Quest for Zen

It’s reasonable to assume that a regular pattern of decent sleep can improve your sex drive. But is this really the most important consideration?


Whilst balancing a demanding work life with a healthy social life can be challenging, most of us can fall into the trap of believing that meeting targets in the office whilst making time for the gym two to three times a week means we have it all worked out. Although this is in no way an illusion, it is possible that too much burning the candle at both ends can have incrementally detrimental effects on our primal energy levels. So, what can one do to ensure a happy, healthy, and heavenly sex life?


Thankfully, whilst sex drive can depend on a number of mitigating factors both physical and mental, most if not all of them can be successfully sated through a dedicated sleep regime.

Health professionals recommend getting between 7 and 9 hours of sleep per night, citing the prevalence for fatigue and mental health issues for those that regularly fail to achieve it. This is where most readers will start to feel worried, as recent surveys suggest that Hong Kong residents are lagging in the sleep stakes, ranking last in Asia Pacific with a paltry average of just 6.5 hours a night. With sleep deprivation possibly leading to serious mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, it’s clear how failure to make time for quality sleep can impinge on all areas of your life.

Clearly, the severity of some of these potential pitfalls is nothing to take lightly, and so I hope you stay with me as I explore how sex drive and performance can be impacted by lack of sleep. Because it isn’t flippant or superficial to say that good sex could well be argued to be the key to combat poor sleep. Research by psychologists and neurologists at Sleep Standards in California showed that sex before bed was the best way to ensure a restful and fruitful sleep. Making time for sex before sleep will also improve your relationship, which further eases stresses in other areas of your life and provides you with a reliable and enjoyable source of support. Biologically, the endorphins and oxytocin released help ease anxiety and relax you: an ideal state when attempting to drift off.


With a good 7 to 9 hours of sleep behind you, your start to the day will come with an extra spring, and should positively affect your mindset throughout the day. So, given the clear and tangible benefits of sex before bed, why wouldn’t you keep doing it? Indeed, with all the positivity, increased confidence and higher self-esteem one can receive after a good night’s kip, you’d certainly be in the mood for it!


We’ve now reversed the vicious cycle of sleep deprivation, anxiety and depression, and entered a far more alluring ride between great sex and great sleep: one feeds the other. Act on this, and don’t be too surprised by just how many facets of your life improve because of it.

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