DORMU: Weighted Blankets, Pillows, and Bedding

Better Sleep. Naturally.

Sleep easy with ethical and sustainable products that don’t compromise our planet, animals or people.

Our values

Work as a team, play as a team

Innovate always

Strive for the greater good

The roots of DORMU are deeply entrenched in European and Asian culture. As a Hong Kong and British company serving the entire planet, diversity, equity and inclusion are fundamental to who we are and what we do.

As the DORMU community continues to grow we remain fearlessly committed to being a richly diverse and inclusive place to work.

A good work-life balance for our team is an integral part of DORMU’s ethos, with quality of sleep of the utmost importance. All members of the DORMU community play a role in developing new products, and enjoy them every night.

Our culture

Our commitment to long-lasting, sustainable materials

At DORMU, it is of paramount importance to not only use luxurious materials that keep you cool, fresh and comfortable no matter the weather, but to also ensure they are sustainable, vegan and limit environmental impact.

Our flagship Cooler weighted blanket and bedding range is made using Lyocell bamboo fibre and produced in a closed-loop, meaning there is no water wastage during production. The inner blanket is weighted using eco-friendly small medical-grade glass beads.

The DORMU Snuggler collection is made using nothing but 100% organic cotton. We do not use artificial fillers for our knitted blankets.

DORMU is committed to using hypoallergenic and antibacterial OEKO-TEX® certified materials that contain no harmful substances

DORMU is committed to planting 500 trees a year to not only offset our carbon footprint, but to become a carbon negative entity.


We will continue to use hypoallergenic and antibacterial OEKO-TEX® certified materials that contain no harmful substances.

DORMU is committed to digital innovation and sustainable technologies.

We’re proud to say our website is running on sustainable energy and produces as little as little as 0.57g of CO2 per website visit. To put this into perspective, the average web page produces 1.76 grams of CO2 per page view.

We will continue to embrace new and innovative technologies to ensure we improve sleep quality around the world without compromising the planet.

Digital sustainability

DORMU products are produced in small batches to increase quality control and decrease environment waste.

Our community

We are proud to have collaborated and worked with some incredible individuals and organisations focused on improving seep quality and overall well-being:

Body Banter | Mental health charity
Joint Dynamics | Health & wellness studio
Precision Fitness | Boutique fitness studio
Kan Elevate | Corporate wellness
Red Doors Studio | Meditation studio
V-Healing | Shamanic healing
Women’s Workshop | Community workshop
Defin8 Fitness | Health & wellness studio
MyEureka Life | Holistic health coaching

Please contact for partnerships

Our future

DORMU is committed to creating the best products, causing no unnecessary harm and using our platform and reach to inspire and include.

We will continue to invest in diversity and sustainability as our horizons broaden.