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DORMU Cooler Weighted Blanket

Junior - 2.3kg | (91cm x 122cm)

Single - 7kg | (122cm x 183cm)

Double - 9kg | (152cm x 203cm)

King - 11kg | (203cm x 221cm)


DORMU Snuggler Weighted Blanket

5.5kg | (152cm x 203cm)

DORMU blankets are designed to be around 10% of your body weight, but studies have shown that most people prefer slightly heavier than this. If you have questions or would like to special enquiries about weighted blankets feel free to get in touch at We’re always happy to offer advice!

A few things worth mentioning:

- Weighted blankets may be smaller than your standard duvet cover and comforter as they are designed to cover your body, not your entire bed.

- It can take some time for your body to adjust to the weighted blanket experience. Please allow around 7-14 days to gradually fall in love with your blanket.

Luxury Bedding Size Guide

DORMU fitted sheets are suitable for all mattress types and designed to fit any mattress up to 33cm thick.

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Single Double Queen King
Fitted Sheet 91 x 190cm 122 x 190cm 152 x 198cm 183 x 198cm
Flat Sheet 150 x 270cm 210 x 270cm 245 x 280cm 280 x 290cm
Pillow Case 51 x 77cm 51 x 77cm 51 x 77cm 51 x 77cm
Fits Mattress
76-91cm 107-122cm 145-155cm 160-183cm
Fits Standard
Mattress Sizes
  • Small Single

  • Single

  • Single Long

  • Large Single

  • Large Single Long

  • Double

  • Double Long

  • Queen

  • Queen Long

  • King