Every effort has been made by DORMU to ensure that this website has been sustainably designed. Being aware that our digital presence also has an impact on the environment is the first step in our journey.

At DORMU, we pride ourselves on designing and developing products through every stage of their life-cycle. This allows us to ensure that each product is developed with the care our customers and our planet deserve, using only sustainable materials to produce our product range.

DORMU is 100% vegan—now and forever. We embrace, and never exploit, the powerful qualities of nature. We believe in responsible manufacturing and sustainability guides every business decision, from packaging to manufacturing. Wherever possible, we will limit the use of plastic and ensure our products and packaging are made from ethical and sustainable materials that don’t compromise our beautiful planet, animals or people.

Our blankets are made from 100% lyocell bamboo, a plant-based material that is both silky–smooth and feathery soft. It’s also temperature-regulating, extremely breathable and unlike most luxury fabrics, like silk, it’s 100% vegan and cruelty free. We also love lyocell bamboo because it is hypoallergenic. Our weighted blankets use medical-grade glass beads in our blankets as opposed to plastic beads. With DORMU, you will be able to sleep well with a conscience.

2021 will be DORMU’s first full year in existence, and before the end of the year we will endeavor to:
• Become carbon neutral certified.
• Continue to develop people and environmentally friendly, plastic-free products.
• Increase support for and collaboration with charitable organizations in Hong Kong.

Have an idea, suggestion, or feedback on our sustainable journey? Connect with us or drop us an email to