Our Story

DORMU prides itself on delivering research-backed sleep solutions to help you get a better night’s sleep and reduce stress.

All of our products are made using sustainable materials.

As two British expatriates living in Hong Kong, the definitive 24-hour city, we learned how easy it can be to burn the candle at both ends whilst neglecting essential sleep and recharging.

With experiences of sleep deprivation and acute insomnia, we sought a variety of sleep aids and quick-fixes to improve our rest, but to little avail.

Inspired by our research into the therapeutic benefits of weighted blankets, we decided to design our own range of products with the goal of marrying luxury feel with sustainable materials.

It may shock you to find out that roughly 62% of adults worldwide either get too little sleep, or low quality sleep, which effects both our physical and mental health detrimentally.

It’s well known that a lack of high quality sleep makes you feel grumpy and less productive, but the long-term effects can lead to both severe physical and mental complications.

Why Sleep Matters

Our Philosophy

Sleep easy with ethical and sustainable products that don’t compromise our planet, animals or people.

At DORMU, it is of paramount importance to not only use luxurious materials that keep you cool, fresh and comfortable, but to also ensure they are sustainable and limit environmental impact.

The roots of DORMU are deeply entrenched in European and Asian culture. As a Hong Kong and British company serving the entire planet, diversity, equity and inclusion are fundamental to who we are and what we do.

Meet the team


The DORMU family is made up of customer support, marketers, graphic and product designers, translators, warehouse staff, the legal team, and accounting - without whom, DORMU would not be possible.


We pride ourselves on our flat management structure to put our people in the positions where they are happiest , most productive, and can contribute to improving your sleep quality.