DORMU 透氣竹製床單套裝

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尺寸 單人
顏色 灰色
類型 無彈性


Bedsheet Set Size Guide

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Each set includes:

✓ Fitted or flat sheet

✓ 2 pillowcases (single / double)

✓ 4 pillowcases (queen / king)

Your Bamboo Cooling Bedding can be washed on the gentle cycle with like colours.

Tumble dry on low or no heat to prevent any natural shrinking. Remove immediately.

While our bedding is anti- bacterial and hypoallergenic, we still recommend washing them regularly along with sheets and other bedding.

Softer than cotton and finer than silk. DORMU bedding is made from lightweight and extremely smooth OEKO-Tex® Certified lyocell Bamboo.

Comfort is guaranteed with our hypoallergenic, anti- bacterial bedding range.

Bamboo is the world's most resource-efficient plant so you can sleep better, naturally.

Why have silk, when you can have bamboo...

Blissful sleep for the active mind


The fabric blend used in DORMU bamboo sheets give them a natural defence against allergens.


Ultra-breathable and cooling bamboo helps circulate air away from your body keeping you comfortable all night long.


Bamboo bedding has been proven to keep your hair shiny and strong, as well as improving your overall complexion.

It's cool

Thanks to the wide gaps between fibres, bamboo is extremely breathable and mimics your body's natural temperature. 

Keeping you cool even on the hottest of nights!

Our materials

Softer than cotton and finer than silk. DORMU bedding is made from lightweight and extremely smooth OEKO-Tex® Certified lyocell Bamboo. Guaranteed comfort with our hypoallergenic and antimicrobial bedding range.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 94 reviews

Cool to the touch and very comfortable, a great addition to our bedroom

Alvin Ng

Both me and my partner kept seeing ads about how weighted blankets change your life in a variety of ways. Our friends back in the States all have anxiety and rave about weighted blankets so we agreed it was time for us to get one too! I, of course, took it one step further and insisted we purchase the entire Dormu range because it was a sale and why the hell not? 😄
The blankets are lovely, the sheets are cool and silky, and the pillows and big, bouncy and pretty comfortable. Overall I give Dormu a 9/10. It would be 10/10 but you guys don’t sell mattresses 😂


I'm converting all my bedtime products to bamboo after trying these super silky bedsheets. It will be interesting to see if the cooling feeling remains in the summer months. So far I am impressed.

as good as silk bedding

Very very soft and cosy!
I'd bought a silk bedding set for my daughter because of a skin condition. After changing the decor in her room we need a different colour, but the prices are crazy and seem to be more inflated! I had been hearing that bamboo bedding was a good alternative so tried this one with dormu.
It's super soft and really well made with some fab little details on the fitted sheet set such as broad elastic across the bottom sheet corners to stop them from coming off the mattress. I might try the flat sheet too but for the kids the fitted sheet is much more convenient and quick.
My daughter says that for her skin, it's as good as silk!!!

Lydia Trezeguet

After being outside HK for 2 months we decided to upgrade some of our bedding. We love our new weighted blanket, pillows and sheets. Very impressed thus far, Waiting for the knitted throw to be available again - hopefully at the sale price too!