The 5 Best Apps For Better Sleep

Best Apps for Sleep


Struggling to sleep? You’re not alone, it’s estimated that over 50% of adults worldwide don’t get enough sleep and while there are many reasons for this, the stressors of modern day life and our exposure to technology that disturb our relationship with night and day, are leading causes.


While downloading an app may seem counter intuitive, there are actually many  that have been designed and developed to help you both fall asleep and stay asleep.


But do they really work? And with so many to choose from, which ones are best?


Here are a few of our favourites:




One of the leading apps for meditation and mindfulness, Headspace also focuses on sleep through its range of Sleepcasts (stories told in soothing voices), sleep music, guided meditations and breathing exercises, designed to  prepare the mind for sleep.


Meditation, which is effectively the practice of clearing your mind, is the perfect antidote to stress and anxiety, and one of the best ways to prepare for sleep.


If you’ve never tried meditation or you want to make it part of your bedtime routine, we recommend downloading Headspace right away! With new content released every day, Headspace is a must-have.



12.99 USD / month

69.99 USD / year




Calm’s goal is improve your health and happiness through its guided mediation, music, stories, and guided stretching videos.


Much like Headspace, Calm also focuses on helping you enter dreamland through meditation but what separates these apps is Calms offering of sleep stories!


It’s not just for kids - there’s no better way to prepare for sleep with a bedtime story. Each one is narrated by a comforting and familiar voice, including Matthew McConaughey, Kate Winslet, Stephen Fry and Harry Styles.



69.99 USD / year

399.99 USD / lifetime access!




Noisli is a slick and simple app that lets you mix and match different sounds in order to create the perfect aural environment. The team at Noisli believe that the constant of background and white noise is predictable and calming, and therefore a great way to start a familiar night time routine.


If mixing the sounds yourself doesn’t sound appealing, Noisli also offer their own combinations for you to check out.


Everyone can benefit from the soothing tones of Noisli, but we highly recommend it to anyone living in a particularly noisy and disruptive neighbourhood.


Free version available

Pro version: 10 USD / month


Sleep Cycle


For some, looking back at how well you slept each night may be an intimidating thought, but there is definitely a benefit in tracking your sleep patterns.


Sleep Cycle will not only rate the quality of your sleep, but it will also provide tips on how to optimise your sleep time! But its best feature is the non-conventional alarm clock that will wake you up during your lightest sleep phase so you feel energised and refreshed in the morning.


It’s worth noting that while this inexpensive technology is exciting and promising, it’s not 100% accurate. It’s always best to consult a sleep specialist when addressing consistent sleep issues before depending on mobile apps.



Free version available

Pro version: 39.99 USD / year


Ten Percent Happier


Dan Harris, ABC presenter and author of the best-selling book Ten Percent Happier, developed this meditation app for newcomers and skeptics alike. If you’re struggling to find a mediation or sleep app that really works for you, then give this one a try.


The guided meditations use a combination of humour and straight talk (a rare duo in the world of meditation) to help you focus, reduce stress, and sleep better.



Free version available

Pro version: 99 USD / year


Which sleep apps do you use? Let us know here.

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用 DORMU 加重毛毯開啟這個聖誕節的舒適感

隨著節日的臨近,尋找完美的禮物可能是一個挑戰。然而,DORMU 的加重毛毯提供了獨特而周到的解決方案,提供舒適感並改善睡眠質量,使其成為理想的聖誕禮物。在本部落格中,我們將探討兩種出色的產品:DORMU 加重毛毯和 DORMU Snuggler 加重毛毯,詳細討論它們的功能和優點。 DORMU 加重毯 產品描述:DORMU 加重毛毯是一款暢銷產品,以其柔滑的竹材質而聞名。它旨在顯著增強您的睡眠體驗。有多種尺寸(單人 7 公斤、雙人 9 公斤、特大號 11 公斤)和顏色(灰色、白色、海軍藍)可供選擇,可滿足不同的喜好和需求。 特點和優點: 涼爽舒適:這款毛毯採用環保玻璃珠和 OEKO-Tex® 認證的萊賽爾竹製成,重量分佈完美,舒適度極佳。其涼爽的竹絲功能確保即使在溫暖的夜晚也能保持涼爽,非常適合熱睡眠者。 健康益處:它不僅僅是一條毯子;它是一條毯子。這是一個健康工具。事實證明,它有助於減輕壓力和焦慮,提高褪黑激素和血清素水平,同時降低皮質醇,促進深度、安寧的睡眠。 DORMU Snuggler 加重毯 產品概述:DORMU...

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探索更好睡眠的魔力:DORMU 加重毛毯體驗

在我們追求恢復活力的夜間睡眠的過程中, DORMU 加重毛毯是一個改變遊戲規則的產品。這款毯子擁抱深度睡眠的力量及其帶來的寧靜,它不僅是一件床上用品,也是提高睡眠品質的革命性工具。 為什麼優質睡眠很重要 數百萬人醒來時感覺睡眠不足,渴望獲得難以捉摸的深度睡眠和恢復性睡眠。良好的睡眠是我們健康的基礎,影響我們的能量水平和生產力。認識到這一點,DORMU 精心設計了一款加重毛毯,它不僅是配件,而且是充實一天的必需品。 DORMU 加重毛毯的獨特性 屢獲殊榮的 DORMU 加重毛毯超越傳統,提供與眾不同的睡眠體驗。它的與眾不同之處如下: 卓越的氣流:毯子的卓越氣流技術旨在讓您保持涼爽,即使在溫暖的夜晚也能確保舒適的睡眠。 提高睡眠品質:由於其鎮定的重量,體驗更快的睡眠開始和減少夜間醒來。 減輕壓力和焦慮:眾所周知,毯子的溫和、均勻的壓力可以減輕壓力和焦慮,促進安全感和平靜感。 屢獲殊榮的設計:毯子以其創新設計而聞名,融合了功能性和奢華感。 與眾不同的功能 DORMU 加重毛毯的各個面向均以您的舒適度為設計理念: 涼爽竹毯套:配有由涼爽竹子製成的配套毯套,非常適合整夜保持舒適的溫度。 環保玻璃珠:使用環保玻璃珠完美分佈重量,壓力柔和均勻。 奢華面料:由絲般柔軟的 OEKO-Tex® 認證萊賽爾竹製成,帶來奢華感。 內部流蘇:為方便起見而設計,內部流蘇將加重毯子牢固地固定在其蓋子上。 低過敏性和抗菌:安全且適合所有人,尤其是過敏或皮膚敏感的人。...

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