What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About You

Body language can reveal a lot about our inner-self, even during sleep. Numerous sleep studies and surveys have drawn parallels between sleeping positions, personality traits, and even our health!


Here’s a snapshot of what your sleeping position says about you.

Side Sleeping:


Sleep experts claim side sleeping is the healthiest way to sleep, since this position can improve digestion, relieve snoring and help those with hip and lower back pain.


It’s also touted as the optimum sleeping position for pregnant women, as it’s associated with improved fetal health. There are three main side sleeping positions:


1. Fetal - The preferred choice, especially for women, this position tends to be adopted by those who are sensitive on the inside but tough on the outside. Fetal position sleepers also tend to be quite personable, though they may seem shy upon first meeting.


2. Log – Lying with arms by their side, these sleepers tend to be social, trusting, laid back and easy going, though they may also be considered gullible. This is a fairly common sleeping position, though not as common as the fetal position.


3. Yearner – Similar in position to the log, these sleepers lie with their arms extended in front of them. Yearners are typically open-minded individuals who struggle to make up their minds, but once they do, they’ll stick to it. This sleeping position is also similar in popularity to loggers.


Back Sleeping:

Sleeping on your back distributes body weight evenly, so this position can relieve pain by taking pressure off your spine and hips, promoting a more restful night’s sleep.


This position can also help avoid face wrinkles as your face isn’t pressed into a pillow. This might sound like the perfect way to sleep but it’s also regularly associated with snoring. So while you may wake up feeling refreshed, your partner may not!


Pro tip: Placing a rolled towel or small pillow under your knees can help you spine maintain its slight curvature.


The two main types of back sleepers are:


1. Soldier – Laying with arms by their side, these sleepers tend to be strong, silent and structured people. They often have high expectations for themselves and others, and may take themselves a bit too seriously! It’s estimated that around 11% of us sleep in this position.


2. Starfish – If you sleep with your arms up and legs apart, then you’re definitely a starfish! This unconventional style is associated with a loyal personality, the types of people who make relationships a priority and love to be supportive.


Front Sleeping:

Sleeping on your stomach isn’t recommended as it can contribute to back and neck pain. If your head faces one direction, it won’t be long till you notice daytime stiffness.


In this position, losing your regular pillow or using a flat pillow can help with any potential neck pain, and adding a pillow under the pelvis can alleviate back stiffness. A firmer mattress may also help.


1. Skydiver – Arms wrapped behind a pillow and head to one side, these sleepers are likely to have playful and fun personalities. They are usually direct and straight to the point, which may come across as brash. They can seem free spirited, though are often secretly anxious and control freaks.


Our recommended sleep position: Under a DORMU Weighted Blanket.


No matter what you’re favourite sleeping position is, a surefire way to level up your sleep is a with one of our weighted blankets. Here are just a few of the reasons why!

1. Combat Anxiety


The hug like sensation from evenly distributed weight across the body, reduces cortisol levels, the hormone associated with anxiety and stress. This means you can snuggle up under a blanket, feeling more relaxed and ready for sleep after a long stressful day.


2. Boost Melatonin


The science behind weighted blankets supports increased melatonin production, the hormone responsible for initiating the onset of sleep. This makes our blanket the natural solution to low melatonin levels.


3. Say Goodbye to sweating


No one enjoys sleeping when they’re too hot and sweaty! At DORMU, we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure our weighted blankets are made from the most breathable, thermoregulating fabrics – keeping you cool and fresh all year round.


Try out your own DORMU Bamboo Cooling Weighted Blanket with our 60-night trial!

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用 DORMU 加重毛毯開啟這個聖誕節的舒適感

隨著節日的臨近,尋找完美的禮物可能是一個挑戰。然而,DORMU 的加重毛毯提供了獨特而周到的解決方案,提供舒適感並改善睡眠質量,使其成為理想的聖誕禮物。在本部落格中,我們將探討兩種出色的產品:DORMU 加重毛毯和 DORMU Snuggler 加重毛毯,詳細討論它們的功能和優點。 DORMU 加重毯 產品描述:DORMU 加重毛毯是一款暢銷產品,以其柔滑的竹材質而聞名。它旨在顯著增強您的睡眠體驗。有多種尺寸(單人 7 公斤、雙人 9 公斤、特大號 11 公斤)和顏色(灰色、白色、海軍藍)可供選擇,可滿足不同的喜好和需求。 特點和優點: 涼爽舒適:這款毛毯採用環保玻璃珠和 OEKO-Tex® 認證的萊賽爾竹製成,重量分佈完美,舒適度極佳。其涼爽的竹絲功能確保即使在溫暖的夜晚也能保持涼爽,非常適合熱睡眠者。 健康益處:它不僅僅是一條毯子;它是一條毯子。這是一個健康工具。事實證明,它有助於減輕壓力和焦慮,提高褪黑激素和血清素水平,同時降低皮質醇,促進深度、安寧的睡眠。 DORMU Snuggler 加重毯 產品概述:DORMU...

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探索更好睡眠的魔力:DORMU 加重毛毯體驗

在我們追求恢復活力的夜間睡眠的過程中, DORMU 加重毛毯是一個改變遊戲規則的產品。這款毯子擁抱深度睡眠的力量及其帶來的寧靜,它不僅是一件床上用品,也是提高睡眠品質的革命性工具。 為什麼優質睡眠很重要 數百萬人醒來時感覺睡眠不足,渴望獲得難以捉摸的深度睡眠和恢復性睡眠。良好的睡眠是我們健康的基礎,影響我們的能量水平和生產力。認識到這一點,DORMU 精心設計了一款加重毛毯,它不僅是配件,而且是充實一天的必需品。 DORMU 加重毛毯的獨特性 屢獲殊榮的 DORMU 加重毛毯超越傳統,提供與眾不同的睡眠體驗。它的與眾不同之處如下: 卓越的氣流:毯子的卓越氣流技術旨在讓您保持涼爽,即使在溫暖的夜晚也能確保舒適的睡眠。 提高睡眠品質:由於其鎮定的重量,體驗更快的睡眠開始和減少夜間醒來。 減輕壓力和焦慮:眾所周知,毯子的溫和、均勻的壓力可以減輕壓力和焦慮,促進安全感和平靜感。 屢獲殊榮的設計:毯子以其創新設計而聞名,融合了功能性和奢華感。 與眾不同的功能 DORMU 加重毛毯的各個面向均以您的舒適度為設計理念: 涼爽竹毯套:配有由涼爽竹子製成的配套毯套,非常適合整夜保持舒適的溫度。 環保玻璃珠:使用環保玻璃珠完美分佈重量,壓力柔和均勻。 奢華面料:由絲般柔軟的 OEKO-Tex® 認證萊賽爾竹製成,帶來奢華感。 內部流蘇:為方便起見而設計,內部流蘇將加重毯子牢固地固定在其蓋子上。 低過敏性和抗菌:安全且適合所有人,尤其是過敏或皮膚敏感的人。...

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