Perfect Sleep

How To Create The Perfect Sleeping Environment For The Whole Family

By Jade Dharmana - Certified Child Sleep Consultant, Hong Kong   Whether you are an adult with insomnia, a child who frequently wakes up, or someone who sleeps like a log every night, we can all benefit from making some environmental changes to optimise our sleep patterns.   Follow these top FIVE tips to create the perfect sleeping environment. 1. Limit screen time   In the lead up to bed time, I recommend no screen time. The blue light that is emitted has the effect of blocking our melatonin production. Melatonin has the effect of telling our bodies that it...
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weighted blanket

Everything You Need To Know About Weighted Blankets

If you’ve ever struggled with sleeping for a few nights in a row, you’ve likely discovered weighted blankets in a Google search.   Originally used as a therapeutic tool for autism and sensory disorders in the 90s, weighted blankets are gaining immense popularity worldwide for their touted benefits on helping to relieve stress and promote deeper, more restful sleep.   But how exactly do weighted blankets work? Deep Pressure Stimulation   In the most simple terms, weighted blankets work by providing gentle pressure across the body, almost like a hug-sensation, which is effective in reducing anxiety and stress and a...
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Covid-19 Pandemic

8 Ways To Get Better Sleep During A Global Pandemic

We’re living in unprecedented, unparalleled, and extraordinary times. Sound familiar? I’m not surprised. You’ve probably heard one of these words or a similar variant countless times on the news or across the internet since the Covid-19 pandemic gripped the planet.   The pandemic has impacted everything from politics and supply chains to the way we work and raise our children. One oft-overlooked victim of Covid-19 is sleep.   There are some of us that have found a combination of working from home and lockdown restrictions has enabled the important 8 hours of sleep a night. However, personal circumstances including isolation,...
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6 More Common Sleep Myths Busted

Earlier this year we debunked 7 of the most common sleep myths, and by popular demand, we’re back to bust some more. Join us as we set the record straight on 6 more sleep myths…   Myth#8: Sleeping With The Lights On Is Harmless   Humans are diurnal creatures, we are built to be awake when it’s light and sleep when it’s dark. The environment tells us when we should be awake suppressing the sleep hormone, melatonin. And when it’s dark, melatonin production rises, causing us to sleep.   The introduction of artificial light from our tech devices works against...
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