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We’ve got you covered!

Our blankets are currently available in 3 different sizes: single, double and king.

Single Blanket
Dimension: 48" x 72"
Weight: 7kg / 15lb

Double Blanket
Dimension: 60" x 80"
Weight: 9kg / 20lb

King Size Blanket
Dimension: 80" x 87"
Weight : 11kg / 25lb

It’s generally recommended that the weight of weighted blankets should be around 10% of your body weight, though this varies per person. All DORMU blankets are design to evenly distribute the weight across the entire surface area you experience the benefits of Deep Touch Stimulation without experiencing discomfort. If you have questions or would like to special enquiries about weighted blankets feel free to get in touch at We’re always happy to offer advice!

A few things worth mentioning:

  • Weighted blankets may be smaller than your standard duvet cover and comforter as they are designed to cover your body, not your entire bed.

  • It can take some time for your body to adjust to the weighted blanket experience. Please allow around 7 - 14 days to gradually fall in love with your blanket.

Why Dormu Blanket

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    Our weighted blankets and covers are made using 100% lyocell bamboo, an extremely soft and silky smooth material, which is thermo-regulating and antibacterial, keeping you fresh and warm all year round.

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    Improves Sleep

    Scientifically proven to reduce anxiety and promote a deeper and longer sleep. The evenly distributed weight applies gentle pressure across your body, relaxing the nervous system and offering a comforting hug-like sensation.

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    Bamboo, the world's most resource-efficient plant, is used for both our inner blanket and duvet cover. Unlike many other weighted blankets, we avoid the use of plastic to add weight, opting for eco-friendly medical-grade glass beads instead.