3. What are weighted blankets made of?

At DORMU, it is of paramount importance to us to not only use the most suitable sustainable fabrics but also to choose materials that will provide a sense of luxury,  keep you cool, fresh and comfortable no matter the weather.

Unfortunately, most of the weighted blankets available are made using dense, unbreathable fabrics and weighed with environmentally harmful plastic beads or non-organic materials.

DORMU Cooler Collection


DORMU’s Cooler blanket and cover collection are made of 100% lyocell bamboo, an ultra-breathable, hypoallergenic and thermoregulating material. Bamboo is often described as the ethical alternative to silk but we think it’s so much more than just a like-for-like alternative.

The large gaps between smooth strands enables air to flow evenly through the material, making it one of the most breathable and thermoregulating fabrics available. Unlike silk, which is delicate and must be hand-washed, bamboo is stain-resistant and won’t discolour over time. On the contrary, it becomes softer with each wash!

Lyocell bamboo is also the most environmentally friendly variant of this sustainable material as it’s produced in a closed-loop meaning there is no water wastage during production!

The inner blanket is weighted using eco-friendly small medical-grade glass beads, which are evenly distributed throughout the blanket in tastefully stitched sections.

The DORMU Cooler blanket and cover collection are made of 100% lyocell bamboo

The DORMU Snuggler collection is made using nothing but 100% organic cotton. Unlike most weighted blanket brands - we do not use artificial fillers for our knitted blankets.

To give the Snuggler its comforting weight, we use layered organic cotton strands that naturally distribute their volume. The diameter of the yarn varies depending on the selected weight of the blanket.

The beautifully weaved pattern of the Snuggler’s hand-knit loops are designed to enable airflow, making you feel relaxed and comfortable without getting overheated.

DORMU Snuggler Collection


The DORMU Snuggler collection is made using 100% cotton. And nothing else.