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The Art of Sleep

Sleep shapes who we are and how we navigate the world. Wherever you are on your journey to the perfect night's rest, we could all use a little extra help improving our sleep game.​

We are proud to present our free eBook The Art of Sleep to the Dormu community. Concentrating academic studies and expert analysis to its imperative advice, we bring you the must-know information on managing your circadian rhythms and how sex, diet, exercise and light can all impact the quality of sleep.


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  • Can meditation help you sleep?

    It’s estimated that between 200–500 million people practice meditation for its energy- boosting benefits, to improve focus and memory, relieve anxiety, and as more studies show, help with sleep. There’s increasing scientific evidence to suggest meditation, and in particular mindfulness meditation, can help alleviate the symptoms of insomnia and improve sleep quality.... discover more.

  • Reducing stress and sleeping better

    Most of us know that we’re not functioning at our best after a poor night’s sleep, but did you know sleep deprivation can have profound consequences on your physical health? Lack of consistent sleep reduces life expectancy and puts you at risk of suffering from number of serious medical conditions... discover more.

  • What is a sleep chronotype and how do I find out mine?

    Humans typically sleep at night and are active during the day. However some of us prefer going to bed late into the evening and struggle to wake up the next morning without an alarm, while others seem to practically leap out of bed in the morning, yet fail to keep their eyes open past dusk. The propensity for an individual to sleep at a particular time is known as their sleep chronotype and there may be more than just evening and morning types... discover more.