Understanding your biological programming, or chronotype,
can you help you become more productive
and improve the quality of you sleep.

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Sleeping patterns and behaviours vary from person to person, driven by our genetics. Some people prefer mornings, waking up early and functioning best before noon, while others prefer the evenings, only becoming alive once everyone else is asleep. This propensity to sleep at a particular is known as your chronotype and it turns out there’s more than just morning or evening preferences.

Dr Michael Breus, a clinical psychologist, sleep doctor and author of the Power of When, explains that people fit into one of four categories; lion, bear, dolphin, and wolf. Each one of these animals corresponds with a person’s sleep patterns, activity levels, and even personality traits. Dolphins, for example, struggle with sleep, are most productive in the early afternoon, and known as perfectionists. Lions, on the other hand are early risers, goal setters, and most productive in the early morning.

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